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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 13, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>>. >> katie: in the news this saturday morning, people attending a bachelor party are recovering this morning, not in the way you might think. the party was on a boat in the bay and it ended in a coastguard rescue. the officers association is commenting about the findings of an internal report that sent dozens of oakland police officers were at fault during the occupy protest. good morning, i'm katie marzullo in for terry mcsweeney. we'll start with a first look at the weather. >> lisa: good morning. here is the view from vollmer peak. look at all that sunshine out there. we have a couple of cloudy days out there. we are talking about the cool numbers from the overnight clearing. weak cold front that has pushed on through. 40s and 50s to head on out this
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morning. through the afternoon we're going to look at sunshine and 70s in the east bay. patchy fog returning tonight, but today is going to be the mildest day out of the next seven. we're talking about a little warming and then a lot of warming. i'll get into details coming up. >> katie: this morning, the coastguard begins investigating the near sinking of chartered bachelor party boat. cornell bernard is live at san francisco's pier 39. we understand you have new information about the boat? >> reporter: we learning the boat was taken to sausalito last night for repairs. coastguard has a lot of degrees for the party boat's captain. it took a scary turn and hate rock and started to sink.
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luckily everyone is safe after being rescued by the coastguard last night. 18 men on board, all wearing life vests were taken to pier 39. it on board the neptune, 40-foot party boat. it struck rocks near alcatraz tearing two holes in the underside. there was chaos and confusing is on board. >> we were hanging out. we were on the boat for 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it was like a big jolt. next thing we knew, coastguard boat came in and got us out. >> put on your life vests and you could tell it was going down. it was taking on water. >> we were off course navigation. we just accidentally were on the inside of the buoy instead of the outside and we hit what we call little alcatraz.
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>> reporter: it's a shoal of rock near the island. they will talk with captain and crew why the boat got too close to show. the captain had no comment for "abc 7 news" last night. neptune had 100 gallons of diesel on board and luckily that did not leak out into the bay. the boat was towed for repairs. the bachelor party, his relatives came as far as island and no doubt they will go back with a story that few people will believe back home. >> katie: the report is out and does not reflect well on the oakland police department. john alston has the just released internal investigation that finds fault with 44 officers who clashed with demonstrators.
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>> reporter: almost a year after the confrontation, police are assigning blame. the chief howard jordan confirmed it was one of his officers that fired a beanbag at scott olson seriously injuring the iraq war veteran. >> losing his job is not nearly enough. i think he committed a crime and he should be put in jail. >> no one will say what happened to the unidentified officer but an independent investigation claims 44 officers broke rules over the past year. violations are mostly minor like officers failing to turn on their video recorders all the way up to false arrests and excessive use of force. >> it might be the first step in direction for opd as far as accountability. >> reporter: without naming names, they are recommending termination for two officers, one demotion, 15 suspensions and
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counseling and training for three officers and written reprimands for 23 others. >> this is very tough. it's very discipline officers how are asking to go out in violent situations. he is at the top and i think he is trying to be fair. >> the head of the police union is furious blaming city hall for botching the occupy protests and making officers the scapegoats. >> these officers never asked to be put on the front line for the occupy oakland multiple times. city leaders failed for their indecisiveness. >> oakland is coming up on the one-year deadline to investigate the complaint. the officers could be facing some hearings and arbitrations and the union is promising to defend them vigorously. >> katie: right now in hollister police are in a standoff with a person connected to a missing
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mother. heather carol has not been seen since a wednesday morning. her car was found on fire south of hollister thursday morning. police went to a house to interview a man about carol and in that interview it was a armed standoff that continued past midnight and involved a s.w.a.t. team sent from santa clara county sheriff's office. they are only saying they are doing everything possible to resolve the situation peacefully. we are monitoring the situation and we will bring you updates on any new information after it becomes available this morning. >> a couple whose crime spree started with a jail-break is expected to be charge with a america clues murder last week. a neighbor found suzy coe dead at her home. they spotted her stolen car and they arrested two after a chase. pair is accused of a crime spree that clause jail-break, two carjackings and chase near seattle and now the murder in
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hercules. >> oakland and san francisco police have a warning for you. they say crooks are knocking on doors wearing orange public safety vests or dressed as utility workers. they say it's a ploy to rob you. it happened twice in san francisco this week and once in oakland. never open your door to someone you don't recognize and always ask for identification. >> coming up next, it used to rocket into space but now it's cruising well below the earthly. it's inching it's way to the california science center and update on its location. it took more than 50 years but now a 93-year-old south bay women finally has her college
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>>. >> katie: right now the space shuttle endeavour is on the move near l.a. we understand it's near the forum. final destination is california science center. it started rolling within the last hour. this is video of that. brand-new into the newsroom, the move was delayed for several hours overnight as crews prepared to cross over interstate 405. it had to be transferred to a special dolly to make it over the overpass. they had to take down power lines but got rolling again around midnight. it is expected to take 9:00 tonight to reach the museum. >> a shocking charge this morning against two cal law students. eric and justin both 24 years old were arrested in las vegas for behead go an exotic bird. it shows the two chasing a
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14-year-old bird into the trees at flamingo hotel's habitat. they come out with the body. men has been charged with malicious killing of wildlife. >> this weekend a santa clara woman along with three generation of her family will be celebrating her graduation from college. at the age of 93, she has finally earned her bachelor's degree from san jose state. as sergio quintana tells us, it's a degree that has been 72 years in the making. >> reporter: balloons are up, and 93-year-old olive chandler is a bit giddy. she will be celebrating her graduation. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's something her youngest daughter donna has helped her mother to accomplish after all these years. >> i always felt she wanted
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something she had earned. >> the bachelor's degree was after her daughter contacted the university. she was hoping she might send a nice letter how close she came to graduating in 1959 but instead they sent her a degree. >> you got it three weeks ago? >> about that. >> that is me. when i graduated from compton junior college in 1940. >> back in 1940 the plan was to continue her schooling and earn a teaching degree but events kept delaying the plan. >> pearl harbor? >> i got married and left school. after a year and a half at santa barbara state. >> she eventually returned to school and continued to take classes but she never collected a bachelor's degree until now. it's a pretty big deal for someone who has encouraged her children, especially her
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daughters to get an education. >> you educate an individual, you educated a woman, you educate a family. that is how i feel. >> reporter: sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> katie: the degree is dated august 1959 and in home economics a discipline that doesn't exist at san jose anymore. >> barry manoilow is hitting a winning note. he has donated a yamaha piano to launch a drive for the school. if you donate or gently iced instrument at hp pavilion box office will you get two tickets to his concert on the same night. it's all part of the music project. sounds great when the schools struggle to keep music programs alive today. >> singing a different tune, the
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atmosphere still cool and 40s and 50s around the bay. we'll talk about how much warmer it will get today. >> katie: and also next, a stung turn of events in washington. it's giving the giants home field advantage in the playoffs. larry beil has the highlights of
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>>. >> katie: welcome back, good saturday morning, we're coming up at 8:17. you are looking at pavilion in san jose, crystal clear as you can see. lisa argen tells us it's going to warm up quite a bit later today. get ready for the 70s. federal government is speeding up the removal of decaying naval ships from the bay area. vessels that are so old they are environmental hazard. they have disposed of 36 ships far above its goal. three more are scheduled for recycling the remaining 21 ships should be gone within five years. suisun bay is one of the government sites that stores mothball. >> now the company has filed for
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bankruptcy claiming it is weighed down by a $23 million lawsuit filed by learning annex, one of early backers. steers are getting an early start offering holiday deals. best buy, if you see something on line with lower price the store will match it. amazon and walmart are testing same day delivery. it will be available in san francisco and san jose later this month. ebay is testing a new app called ebay now that promises delivery within the hour, all right, wherever you are. even if you are on a park bench. i don't know how you give that address. park bench at the corner of x and y. it could revolutionize stuff when we want it. like the weather forecast. >> lisa: hopefully you like the
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forecast. it is changing. you will like the cooler gray conditions. right now, sunny sunshine out there. sutro kaerm, beautiful shot in the city. we got a lot of people in the embarcadero already enjoying the nice start to the day. you'll see more of this to come. although you can see the clouds there. it will be cool at our beaches once again but you would expect that in october. live doppler 7-hd, into next week we're going to see much warmer weather at our beaches. early on, a lot of cloud cover but we do have a little cloud cover up in salinas. partly cloudy in san francisco right now. low 40s in delta. 48 in fairfield. with 46 in napa. still 40s. san jose, 47. 54 in redwood city and san francisco. this morning, much cooler than
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we were 24 hours ago. nine degrees cooler in napa and seven degrees in livermore and san jose. so definitely a cooler start. a warmer finish. lots of sunshine in between. we're starting out sunny with a few clouds around today. we'll see mostly sunny conditions, much warmer weather. we're going to have five-seven degrees warmer tomorrow. warmest day of the week, wednesday, thursday. 49ers game may be well into the 70s here. low pressure finally heading out of the picture. we have been talking about that. weak front that pushed through while you were sleeping. took most of the low level moisture with. high pressure along southern california and central coast it will build in. here is the rest of day you'll notice a few high clouds around. mostly sunny day today with warming temperatures.
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that is where we should be with 60s and 70s apiece. if you like this kind of weather hopefully you're going to like warmer weather. at the coast, clouds are thing out and beautiful afternoon. half moon bay, pumpkin festival with low 60s there today. dropping to the 50s. afternoon highs, expect 69 degrees in richmond. low 70s for fremont and palo alto and san jose today. 76 in warmer locations east of the caldecott tunnel. 74 in santa rosa and along the monterey bay, fog in salinas, but that will clear on out giving with way to mostly sunny conditions. seven-day forecast, a little warmer tomorrow. monday we will hold it steady. tuesday getting warmer. 49ers game, we could be well up in the 70s but the game, of course, will have some cooler
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conditions in the evening. by friday, near 90s in inland valleys. it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. marie of belmont. dana of san jose and tom of san francisco have all entered flew our facebook page. we got more people. carol, la very von and carol and the list goes on and on. winner is going to be announced on thursday after the 49ers game here on abc7, october 18th. to enter go to our facebook page and click on win $49,000 button. that would take you to this page to fill out the details. you could be a big winner. so much going on. we have the giants forecast in my next segment. we have $49,000 and we got a mini heat wave. >> katie: i love it. speaking of sports this afternoon, 17th ranked stanford
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travels to indiana to battle notre dame. last night giants found out they will host st. louis in the championship series. here is the highlights of big win of the st. louis cardinals over washington. >> giants spent the day in ohio watching who they would play. amazingly giants are going host the cardinals in sunday. in the nation's capitol, bryce reconstruction it. michael morse, 6-0 nats. but defending world series champs don't die. daniel out of u.c. davis. he makes it 6-5.
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and bases loaded two outs. he lines to a short off the glove. two more score. we're tied at 7. cardinals not done yet. base hit opposite field, two more score. 9-7. it's incredible. bottom of ninth, nats go quietly. game over. cardinals an amazing comeback vick, 9-7 the final. cardinals advance the stunned natds are done. >> with all the adversity we've gone through this year and get that many free passes. we had a great year overcoming a lot of hardship. >> game one, 5:15 sunday. madison bumgarner will get the
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start. giants and cards met six times and they split. >> yankees and orioles. yankees benched alex rodriguez because of a massive slump. curtis granderson, clean and gone. vallejo's own complete game four hitter. 3-1 yanks. game one is tonight. >> nhl is still in lockout. hockey fans left the cow palace to see the very first game for the bulls. minor league affiliate of the sharks. their mascot -- rawhide! jordan finds dean for the first goal. we're tied at 1. minute and a half lake, she in front and it gets by. 2-1 and robbie hits it on
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breakaway and he is awarded a penalty scott. condors beat the bulls, 4-3. >> i'm larry beil. >> new this morning, warriors fans today. it's free. the team is holding a public open practice at oracle arena from 11 to 12:30. doors will open at 10:00 with no charge for parking or admission. it will be first opportunity to see the 2012 team. head coach mark jackson will put the team through a series of drills and players will face off in a practice game. still ahead, help today for young people in the south bay who are looking for jobs. also, public utilities commission says no to a pg&e plan that would force customers to pay for the bulk of an expensive pipeline upgrade.
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also a project to
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good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>. >> katie: and we want to take you live to youngstown, ohio. this is where vice presidential candidate paul ryan is holding a campaign rally. he just wrapped up a speech to a standing ovation. now it looks like he is taking some questions from the audience
8:30 am
there. again in youngstown, ohio. coming up is the second presidential debate. it's just three days away. as the candidates get ready, team obama is recruiting celebrity help. team romney is attacking foreign policy. here is more from washington. >> reporter: back on the trail for the candidates, after no knock out blow in the vice presidential debate. romney-ryan team, they see an opening, not on the economy which is improving, but rather the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya which resulted in in the death of ambassador and three other americans. >> it's no denial when the vice president of the united states directly contradicts the testimony, sworn testimony of state department officials, american citizens have a right to know what is going on. >> romney was referring to the
8:31 am
debate, one of the first questions from martha, asking why there wasn't more security. >> we were told, but we didn't know that. >> who is the we in that statement? just the white house says a president spokesman. this story has such a big chance of spinning out of control, that secretary of state clinton tried to explain. >> to this day we don't have a complete picture. >> there was part of a search for undecided voters. team obama is doubling down on star power. releasing an ad narrated by morgan freeman this week, former president bill clinton and bruce springsteen with will be stumping. he will be on the daily show, his sixth appearance. performance really matters comes
8:32 am
next tuesday, second presidential debate. president obama is headed to virginia today for a couple of days of debate preparation. mitt romney is also practicing for the next big debate. >> katie: that next big presidential debate takes place tuesday night in new york. this time it will have a townhall format. abc7 will carry it live. that tuesday at 6:00 p.m. speaking of american jobs, today san jose city leaders will held the fifth annual job fair. it's from 9:00 this morning and getting underway in half an hour. it lasts until noon in the nordstrom courtyard on blossom hill road. city council members have partnered with the mall to provide locals for an opportunity to find work. local employers will have interview is. >> puc is blames pg&e mismanagement for rejection of a plan to have rate payers to foot
8:33 am
most of the bill for fixing its pipelines. they say the customers should pay 90% of the cost. puc plans to cut this to 36%. pg&e shareholders would have to pay for any cost overruns. a rate payer advocacy group says the fine print on the deal would have customers paying half of the cost of the overhaul from the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno two years ago. in a statement pg&e says it is disappointed in the decision and added that its plan was designed to be as economical as possible. >> the transformation of doyle drive into the new presidio parkway is entering the second and final phase. work on the city's connector to the golden gate bridge is centered near the palace of fine arts. transportation reporter heather ishimaru notes it will be years before it is finished. >> right now traffic flows in
8:34 am
both directions on the new elevated section of doyle drive. phase two of the replacement project will build another elevated roadway where the old structure sits down. when completed the side by side bridges as shown in this animation will carry three lanes of traffic in each direction with shoulders. >> this is as good as grand slam yesterday, think. to know how long this has been in the cooker. >> reporter: much of the old doyle drive was destroyed in april. the remaining structure will be torn down and will take three to four months. phase two will construction of multiple tunnels that will change the view. bay and access to it. this phase is $1.4 billion project. it's being built thanks only to new state legislation allowing a public-private partnership. this is the first of its kind.
8:35 am
house minority leader nancy pelosi says the new parkway is perfect step following transportation from a military base to you are urban national park. >> once we did this we were like doyle drive. we have been trying forever to do something about doyle drive. it was not a safe place. >> 76-year-old roadway is an example of the neglected transportation infrastructure. caltrans director malcolm dougertm says it's hard to come by? >> we have to be creative how we fund these. >> construction should wrap up in 2015. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news".
8:36 am
>> katie: speaking of getting around the bay area there a closure you should know about. you want to be aware of right now. harrison exit from the bay bridge, is closed this morning it may have wrapped up. it's supposed to be closed until 8:00 a.m. eastbound highway 4 will be closed monday morning from midnight until 5:00 a.m. for a freeway widening project. a detour will be provided but drivers should expect delays. starting next friday, san mateo bridge will be closed two weekend needed a row. it will close in both directions for seismic repairs. caltrans crews will be replacing 12 sections of the bridge deck. that work will take place the weekends of october 19th and october 26th. they expect to reopen the bridge by 5:00 a.m. monday.
8:37 am
>> coming up next, police response times, under pressure in san jose. only on 7, emergency responders say it is proving to be an issue of life and death. >> we have a live look outside, gorgeous morning here in san francisco. look at the bay and the sky and the golden gate bridge just gorgeous and more sun still ahead. lease leagues will have your
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>> katie: the story from "abc 7 news" reporter david louie. >> it was already a busy evening with officers investigating an officer-involved shooting in downtown san jose. police were notified of an altercation outside a check
8:40 am
cashing office where a man was died. a log obtained by "abc 7 news" indicates no patrol units were available to respond. police were called at 8:26 p.m. they arrived eight minutes later an officer was dispatched 13 minutes later arriving 17 minutes later. >> while it took them 17 minutes to respond to the scene with a man on the ground, the fire department got another ot scene and had to wait tin minutes before they could administer cpr. they this to declare the scene secure. police officers and firefighters working that day talked to us on camera on the condition we conceal their identities. they stress delays can take a toll on saving lives. >> every single second and when it gets into minutes, it's unrecoverable.
8:41 am
>> reporter: city officials acknowledge that 17-18 minutes is the typical response time for a priority two call such as this. but the goal is 11 minutes. that doesn't take into account how firefighters must stage a block or two away until a police officer gives the all clear. >> we are trained and from that training is to save lives and help people. but to city there is excruciating. >> while the firefighters waited the victim died. paramedics may be prevented from doing their jobs because of regulations. it bars them from entering a dangerous situation until a police officer declares the scene safe. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> katie: lisa argen is here with a look at the forecast sounds like it's all over the place but ending on a high note.
8:42 am
>> we had a cold front and plenty of clouds but take a look from vollmer peak. nice and sunny but still many areas showing in the 40s right here it's in the mid-50s. we'll talk seasonably today and big time warmth coming our way. >> the car of the future, it's already here. we'll show you the new collaboration between silicon valley and one of the top automakers. >> is service warranty gives her five free repairs but the problem is her
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> katie: your home, office, mobile device all of them connected. what about your car? jonathan bloom explains why one of world's biggest automakers is
8:45 am
linked to the biggest computer company. >> we have a metered that shows you battery charge. >> bill is showing off an all electric car that you'll probably never drive. >> this is not intended for sale. >> it is a concept car, a platform to try out technologies for the next generation of connected vehicles. >> not just smart phones but tablets but everything in our lives will be internet enabled. the connected vehicle is the next big revolution in mobility. >> that is why cisco is holding a meeting with toyota as a co-sponsor. they have to work with every car manufacturer to make vehicles as smart as everything else. crews getting in the car, my wife likes classical, i like jazz. >> the executive meeting
8:46 am
agree,000 is only the beginning. some of the technology for safety and navigation features could pave the way for cars that drive themselves. >> google has showed a prototype but bringing it to market will be a lot of easier if the car companies and networking companies start working together to make city streets ready for the technology. >> you know they are coming. you don't have to tear up the city streets and reconfigure the city to add new technologies. >> automakers are showing off cars that talk to each other but a fully driverless car is ten years away. in the meantime, connected city streets will have other benefits. >> network has sensors in the roadway, sensors in the parking space that the internet can tell my vehicle it's time to park because there is not going to be a parking space after this sensor has established there is a free spot.
8:47 am
>> katie: coming up on 8:47. lisa argen is joining us with a look. what is going on? >> the weather has been active with system exiting. we have another one the week ahead. will it affect the bay area? plenty of sunshine from sutro camera and we clear out nicely as weak frontal band has passed while you were probably sleeping. roof camera, clear conditions on the embarcadero. there is bike ride later on today. golf tournament in san martin and redwood city, half marathon. union city a little doggie festival. sunny skies today but i want to show you the satellite and radar composite. this has cleared out nicely this morning.
8:48 am
lots of clouds around. lifting mechanic thasm we needed to scour out the atmosphere has passed to the south and east of us. that is weak browned layer. cool temperatures still resulted. 46 in napa and santa rosa. 48 in livermore. 46 in concord. valleys much cooler than yesterday morning. we had all that cloud cover and with that blanket. temperatures were much more uniform. 9 degrees cooler than you were yesterday in concord and 6-7 degrees of cooling from mountain view and san jose. on the coast not much of a change. lots of sunshine and mild conditions this afternoon. weather will be warming day to day mostly. we'll stop the warming trend and hold it steady through the early part of the week, wednesday and thursday that is when we are looking for a big wind shift. here is the first system that is pushed down through that cleaned out the atmosphere. right now we have rain up in
8:49 am
crescent city. we'll continue to see a series of storm systems north of the california-oregon border. that is going to favor the rain up to the north. it will flat en our ridge to start our workweek. then we're going to see the offshore flow. the first system really worked to clean things out. we are looking at basically sunny afternoon. few high clouds. upper 20s for truckee and tahoe valley airport, 62 later today. mid-70s in sacramento. high pressure is building into southern california, as well. 69 in oakland. big warmup. never cleared yesterday. it was rather gray and today, upper 60s in richmond. 74 in santa rosa as well as napa. 73 san jose. low 70s for fremont. still a little gray around salinas but 76 in morgan hill.
8:50 am
65 in monterey ray. lots of sunshine tomorrow but cooling off quickly. sun sets at about 6:30 so the numbers are starting around 60s for the game and dropping to the 50s. it will be pretty nice evening and look ahead, warmer tomorrow and holding steady on monday. by tuesday, mid-80s, upper 70s very warm. thursday with temperatures well into the 70s downtown. so that means very warm, nice evening to start out for the game. 90 inland. not too who had and not too cold. >> katie: perfect for fans. it be handy to have a service warranty for your appliances. it can cover any needed repairs but do you really get free service? michael finney explains, the answer is both yes, and no. >> it's not working. >> seos i pushed the button.
8:51 am
>> just a big load of soggy clothes and no way to dry them. luckily she purchased this extended service warranty from whirlpool. >> a man came out and checked everything, it's the timer. >> a technician told her to order a new timer. he would come back to install it. >> he came again, it's defective. the timer is defective. >> so she went through the process all over again. she ordered the part, another technician came out and this guy shook his head. >> he said, you no, it's not timer. it's the door switch. >> the technician didn't have the switch for a drier but did have one for a dishwasher. he installed that one instead. >> it works for two days and then it quit. >> so another repairman come out. >> he said, do you have any
8:52 am
electrical tape. he says the screw has come loose. >> tape didn't help. so the technician said he would be back in a couple of weeks. weeks? that was too long. >> oh, boy, at that point my patience was turning into anger. >> it had been eight weeks since her drier broke. during that time, she was putting her wet clothes in plastic bags and driving them to her niece's house. wet clothes are very heavy especially after back surgery? >> i have two towels and little things at a time. >> finally, she called her own repair shop and paired her own repair. two days later but she was out $150. >> that is when i went to "7 on your side." >> we contacted whirlpool and it stepped up right away. the company agreed to pay forth repair and refund the cost of her warranty. she received this check for
8:53 am
$256. whirlpool said it is always disheartening when a consumer issue has not been able to resolved quickly. there could can be several components involved and sometimes it takes more than one attempt. >> i'm so surprised and happy. i'm thankful that kgo could help me. >> she says now that it is working, it never seemed so easy. i wo want to thank whirlpool for stepping up so quickly. >> katie: coming up next, an early started to halloween. half moon bay art and pumpkin festival starts this morning. which 49er great
8:54 am
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>>. >> katie: here are the winning numbers from last night mega millions draw. mega number was 15. nobody correctly picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot is estimated at $61 million. the space shuttle endeavour is on move in l.a. right now. we can bring you these live pictures. it's at the forum for the public welcoming ceremony. final destination is california science center. it started rolling the last hour
8:57 am
crews prepared to cross over 405 last night. shuttle had to be transferred to lighter towing system. not expected to get to the museum until 9:00 tonight. 42th art and pumpkin festival runs this weekend in half moon bay. seting the mood a new state record that has been set. this giant weighed in 1775 pounds, an oregon grower collected $10,000 in prize money for it. this morning a costume contest will be held at 10:00. at noon, steve young will be grand marshal for the great pumpkin parade. what kind of temperatures can they expect? >> it should be nice. low 60s there. we are already looking at nice start to the day. 69 in oakland, with 75 in concord today. 76 in livermore. what a change from the last couple of days where we didn't
8:58 am
see any sun. didn't get out of the 6,000 60s. low 80s but we'll hold it there monday and big time warning on wednesday for big game on thursday. 70s during the day and nice evening. >> katie: thank you. thank you for everyone joining us. we continued at 11:00 tonight because of the bank of america 500. that's car coverage starts
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